Monday, September 28, 2009

Four and a quarter miles, baby

I wanted to get to the Route 28 bridge and achieved that goal, although I was a panting, quivering mess when we got to the top. Scott let me catch my breath and sailed down the far side of the bridge to explore a bit. After I'd regained my composure, I too sailed down the far side and biked almost to the bridge over the creek before Loudoun County Parkway. I turned around when I couldn't find Scott ; maybe he explored the parking lot for that jumping on place for the trail? Nope, he'd zipped down another little dead-end trail and had gone back up the Rte 28 bridge and then came looking for me. Happily, we found each other again and I walked my bike up the bridge -- it's REALLY steep -- while he slowly pedalled next to me.

I needed another breather on the bridge and we watched traffic for a little while. I managed to bike most of the way home, with another couple of rest stops, and then walked the bike up the last hill to the house. I'm glad that I wore my walking shoes tonight.

I'll get up those hills eventually, but right now I'm just proud of myself for getting out there. I'm saddle-sore and spazzy from the endorphins and very, very happy.

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