Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I am sucking up every bit of good weather that I can in anticipation of the cold(er) and dark days ahead. Yes, it was chilly yesterday morning, but the afternoon commute was the epitome of glorious. I could have cried, I was so thankful to be outside and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine on the trail rather than being cooped up in a car and frustrated by the heavy traffic leaving Ashburn.

This morning, the air temperature felt warmer than yesterday but the wind on the trail (there is almost always wind on the trail) was cold and yet I still managed to arrive at work all sweaty. Thank goodness for the gym showers so I can both cool down my upper body and warm up my legs (yes, the muscles are warm, but the skin is so cold).

I'm recognizing more and more of the same commuter faces in the morning and afternoons. The commuters -- we have panniers and/or backpacks and lights (although, I did pass three racers in a pack who all had headlights) and don't have the sleek racer look -- are super friendly and wave or say hello as we pass. Some of the walkers and joggers are friendly, too. Everybody seems to have gotten more congenial as the temperature has dropped.

I'm excited about this evening's commute. I will pass 200 miles ridden this month somewhere around route 28 and I think that's super cool.

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