Sunday, September 02, 2012

PSA: Stolen bike in Baltimore

A friend in Baltimore, MD, found his bike stolen this morning.

Some enterprising soul has stolen my 2008 Electra Ultra Classic off of my front porch. Happened during the evening of September 1st (2012) on the 2600 block of Calvert Street. They stole it by wedging off the bannister that it was u-locked to, so unless they figure a way to cut it off there'll be a u-lock attached to it.


  1. The world just seems full of bike thieves......Another sorry tale.


  2. I am so sorry for the person who had this stolen, but I cannot help but giggle about it having a U-Lock attached to it... thieves aren't always the most brilliant folks around, are they? I suppose they figured they could attempt to hack it off later in a safe spot? Kind of crazy!

    1. It would never cross my mind to jimmy a bannister to snatch a bike. Of course, it'd never cross my mind to snatch a bike...