Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bargaining chip

This is my brain.

Id: I want cookies!

Ego: We don't need cookies.


Ego: All right. We can have a cookie if we ride our bike to get it from the grocery store.

Super-ego: You don't need a cookie. You need to do crunches, squats, and eat some celery.


Ego: Look, I said we could have a cookie if we take the bike instead of the car. Not only will we get a teensy bit of exercise en route, we could also ride around the neighborhood and look at the new Christmas lights that have been put up since the last night ride.


Ego: There. It's settled. Saddle up, body.

Super-ego: I think we should ride to Leesburg and back for that d@mn cookie. It's only twenty miles...

COOKIES! (Not from Leesburg, but I did get in nearly ten miles riding through neighborhoods.)


  1. Mmm... cookies! Tis the season, I think. I'm not much of a cookie-lover myself, but this time of year seems to bring it out of me. :O)

    Your basket is looking mighty festive... and while I cannot confirm from the angle, I'm fairly certain I have the same handbag as in your basket.

    1. What I really wanted were sugared short bread cookies, but I settled for these. The funny thing is that I still haven't opened the package. I guess the lights satisfied my Id. ;)

      Thank you, thank you. I love the cheers from kids when I roll past all lit up. Handbag: Mossimo crossbody? With two pockets in front with magnet catches that aren't quite strong enough to keep the flappy covers closed? That's mine.

    2. It must not be the same bag, but it looks so similar to a Fossil bag I have (and never seem to actually use, unfortunately).

      I have found (at least for me) that sometimes if I distract myself, I don't actually want what I thought I wanted. That child within can be quite a pain to deal with at times. :O)

  2. I frequently have this internal debate but resolve it thusly:

    I will bike to the grocery store and purchase the ingredients to bake my own cookies. I will first consult for a cookie recipe and the healthful variations posted in the comments section. Usually, the healthful alternatives include substituting whole wheat follow for regular, apple sauce for oil and throwing in a teaspoon of flack seed.

    I simply refuse to live without cookies.