Friday, January 04, 2013

Women in Cycling Seminar Series

DC-area cycling ladies and those interested in bicycling:

The Vienna branch of Spokes, Etc is hosting a series of seminars focused on women and bicycles. The Women in Cycling classes are free, an hour long, and open to an unlimited number of attendees. I've registered for the three classes which are as follows:
  • The Bike: How It Works and How to Buy One - Thursday, Jan 10 at 7pm - "Knowing how a bike works and what its parts are called will make not only your buying experience easier, but also will help you troubleshoot mechanical problems and will enable you to speak in the same language as your mechanic. What's the difference between a mountain bike, a hybrid, and a road bike? Why would you want one over another? How do you decide what size bike you need? Come find out! Short lecture and a lot of time for discussion."
  • Cycling, Nutrition, and Weight Management - Monday, Feb 4 at 7pm - "Many run, bike, swim, etc to lose or control their weight. But do you know the facts? We'll discuss calories and food groups as well as how nutrition and eating ties into cycling and weight management."
  • Ride the Roads with Confidence - Thursday, Mar 7 at 7pm - "Ask many new, aspiring, or even experienced cyclists what they most fear and the answer will often be 'riding on the streets.' But the fact is experienced cyclists have fewer crashes despite riding far many more miles--and actually have a lower crash rate on the streets than on bike trails. Why? Because they know how to properly negotiate and ride with vehicular traffic. But you don't need years of experience to do the same. Through education you can learn how to ride and where to ride on the roads to maximize your safety. You can also learn what are the most common pitfalls that lead to crashes and thus avoid said pitfalls!"
You can register for just one, two, or all three, and registration is FREE. Come and join me in getting more knowledgeable about bicycles!


  1. This looks like a great series! I live pretty far from Vienna, but I'm so glad to see that DC has an increasing number of resources for women who want to get into bicycling.

    1. I'm excited about this opportunity, and am happy that one of my friends has signed up for the series.