Monday, May 23, 2011

Must... bike...

Despite soreness in my legs and tush, I hopped back on my bike yesterday morning and rode a surprising 5.75 miles. I say surprising because I'd thought that I would ride up to Old Town Herndon, but I was feeling pretty tired by the time I got to Crestview and decided to turn around for home. What I forgot is that there's a slow but steady incline from Sterling Blvd to Crestview which means the ride back is downhill. After lots and lots of coasting, I felt refreshed and continued across the boulevard and on up to Church Street. I wanted to ride up to the cemetery, but there's no sidewalk that far up and Church is pretty dang busy and scary there. Instead, I rode the sidewalk along Church to Magnolia and dove into that neighborhood until I found the cut-through to my neck o' the woods. Try as I might, I could not peddle up Holborn. I walked halfway and then hopped back on for the final, and slightly less steep, portion of the street before it curves onto my street.

Surprisingly, my legs didn't hurt after that ride. Even more surprisingly, they still don't hurt. I am saddle sore, but the new seat pad definitely helped. Scott attached a new rack and basket to the back of my bike last night. We're going out for a ride tonight to see how stable the set-up is. If it's all good -- and the weather isn't too stormy -- I'm biking to work on Friday.

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