Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another bike bike bike bike

I decided at midnight-thirty that I would bike to work. And so I scurried about getting everything, including my work laptop but minus my lunch bag, packed in my trunk bag and panniers before hitting the proverbial hay.

Rose was pretty light when I bought her, but I've attached the trunk rack and bag plus, pump, bottle cage, tools, and lights. The weight adds up, and then it increases by a LOT when I add the laptop. However, she was still lighter than a fully-loaded C.C., and I sailed up and down the hills to work.

It was such a glorious morning with the exact right mix of sun, breeze, and humidity, and the trail use reflected the beautiful weather. There were more commuters going in the same direction as me, plus snotty racer types who usually aren't out until later in the day. Lots of walkers and joggers used the bridle path which was nice because that meant I didn't have to dodge pedestrians.

I'm excited to see how Rose handles the long uphill climb of Rte 28 on tonight's return trip. I already know she can handle my neighborhood's hills with ease.

In Scott bike news, he broke down and bought a Specialized Crosstrail Sport Disc yesterday. He's been agonizing over the options he wanted versus the price he was comfortable paying. The main point of contention was being able to lock the springs on the front fork which was available on the Sport version only. I didn't understand why locking the front fork was such a big deal as my most recent bikes have had springy front forks. Scott took a ride on Rose and realized that all of his bikes have been rigid and he did. not. like. the springiness. He felt like he was going to topple forward the whole time he rode. That, and a conversation with two bike nuts at work who assured him he was getting a primo deal with the Sport Disc, convinced him of which bike he needed. He brought his as-yet-unnamed bike home and took it on an extended tour of the neighborhood last night. His grin could have split his face when he finally came back home. Yeah, he bought the right bike.

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