Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bike Plans

5 Sept - Bike fitting at Spokes, Etc. My longest ride to date is 20.32 miles and all rides have resulted in sore wrists and hands. I don't want to aggravate my carpal tunnel and I need to increase my mileage (see below) so I'm letting the professionals figure out the best settings for me to be comfortable on my bike. Plus, since I purchased the bike from the shop, the fitting is free.

18 Sept - 2011 Backroads Century. Scott and I are signed up for the 30 mile trek and will be riding with L and J. I'm really looking forward to this even if I'm feeling daunted by the distance.

First week of October - Ravenstreet Beach Week on OBX. Scott and I are taking our bikes to the beach! The trails are paved and flat (glory hallelujah!) and follow Rte 12 up and down the island. I've been measuring the distances from the house to various destinations and they're all reachable: to heart of Duck - 5.25 miles, to Timbuk II - 7 miles, to historic Corolla Village & Currituck Beach lighthouse - 10.8 miles. All distances are one way and are totally do-able. I am practically spazzing out I'm so excited about cycling at the beach.

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