Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stop, Swap, & Save

As stated in a previous post, my friends and I attended a bike swap last weekend. This was my first bike swap and I was both overwhelmed and excited by the event.

General bustle.

Scott browses pants.

I'd hoped to find some cute panniers or other accessories like that, but there wasn't anything that caught my fancy in that department. I did, however, spy the most adorable hat helmets by The Band Box and, because of the bike show discount, snapped one up.

There really is a helmet under there.

It's completely unnecessary, but I'm a sucker for hats. Plus, being a crafty sort, I can easily change out that hat for any of my own and I won't have to destroy a Santa hat for next year's Christmas-time rides. Continuing the girly them was a pair of Sheila Moon "Thumbie" arm warmers.

I loved the orange version of these, but thought they'd clash with everything I own.

The guys from Hill Killer Apparel delighted me with their inspired bike fashions.

So adorable, in a grisly way.

As a horror fan I simply had to have the Zombie arm warmers. They generously threw in a pair of leg warmers for free. For some reason, I don't mind that they clash with everything I own. The guys didn't have any jerseys in my size; by the time we found the stall, their stuff had been picked over pretty well. But I'm tempted to order the Zombie Girls Have More Fun and Hell on Wheels jerseys, even though it pains me to have SO MUCH pink gear. I would totally snap up Riding Pretty jersey if it were available in my size.

Getting back to the sights, I saw my first Penny Farthing in the flesh (see what I did there?).

I couldn't back up far enough to get the whole thing in frame. :(

Plus a Missoni bike that made Scott's eyes wiggle.

Target sold the multicolor version last year. I don't know where this one came from.

I also spotted a Globe Daily 3 and immediately ran over to take a closer look. I've been stalking the step-through version of this bike online, but haven't found anyone locally who carries the brand. My local bike shop will order one for me, but I don't want to go through that hassle and then hate the bike. The bike on display was an extra large and was much to big for me to test ride it. The vendor was from a bike shop on Solomans Island, MD which is pretty far from our home, but not that far if we combined the trip with a visit to Scott's parents in Annapolis.

Browsing (and shopping) the bike swap was a fun experience and I'll have to keep an eye out for other swaps in the area.