Sunday, April 15, 2012

And we're back

I missed you guys. My experiment on changing the blog's URL didn't go as well as I'd planned and I'm back in more familiar digs. Training ride #2 happened today, er yesterday, and I'll post about that later tomorrow, er today.


  1. Welcome back!! How's the spds coming on?

    1. Great! Clipping and out is almost becoming second nature; although, I did find out yesterday that asphalt is much softer than it appears when I couldn't unclip fast enough not to collide with a couple of stupid teenagers and their dog on the trail.

    2. Well done you! It's usually in emergency situations that they will catch you out but even after a while you heel will automatically kick out sideways. Even on flat pedals my heel goes out before getting off the pedal but that is habit after 15 years use!