Monday, October 22, 2012

How I spent my Sunday afternoon

I love October because it holds not only my birthday (only five more shopping days!) but also Halloween. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday and I love decorating inside and out to celebrate. I typically  wait until the weekend before Halloween to deploy the cemetery, but this year I threw caution to the wind -- literally: today was GUSTY -- and built my little yard of horror.

Welcome to the Cemetery.

Enter if you dare. Muahahaha!
The neighbors are quiet.
But we have a bit of a giant spider problem.
The masterpiece which delights and terrifies the neighborhood children.
This is definitely one of the better parts of being a grown-up.


  1. So awesome... it looks great! And of course, happy early birthday! :O)

    1. Thanks, hon! I have too much fun with the decorations. =)