Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer loving

I biked to work yesterday and Scott met me at the Smith's Switch rest stop to bike home with me. After cleaning up, we piled the bikes into the back of the truck and tootled over to Spokes, Etc to have their techs adjust our brakes and straighten my slightly-out-of-alignment back tire. While the techs worked their magic, I perused the bikes and, per a friend's suggestion and my follow-up research, took a test ride on a Specialized "Ariel".


She was so incredibly light and glided across the parking lot with barely any effort on my part. I actually hollered to Scott, "She's like buttah!"

I was smitten.

I took her back inside and asked the salesguy if they will be running any kind of deals on the bikes later this summer. Yes, but only for the extra small and large sizes. You know, the ones that the majority of folks don't need. I thought and thought. I hemmed and hawed. Scott was absolutely no help and kept repeating, "Do what you want to do; it's your money. But remember that you have dental work tomorrow that your insurance may not cover..."

Drat! Plus, I didn't want to stack such a beautiful bike in the back of my truck. She needs an honest-to-goodness bike carrier. And I'll be getting a trailer hitch installed in Memphis. That sealed it for me. I decided that I will buy her next month when we return from our trip south.

I'm so excited about riding her to and from work and everywhere else that I can.

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