Monday, June 27, 2011

Note to self

Note to self: Don't do nearly twenty minutes of squats and lunges and other horrible lower body exercise along with the torturous workout video the day after a sixteen mile ride and the day before a ten mile ride. I also did twenty minutes upper body work, so everything below the neck hurts. Oh, wait, my teeth are still tender. Everything below my eyes hurts.

So. Sixteen mile ride. Yeah. Scott and I jumped on our bikes late Saturday afternoon. Scott didn't want to go too far and we rode up to Smiths Switch. He decided he wanted to go a little farther and we rode up to Ashburn Road. We passed the most adorable houses. I mean, seriously adorable Craftsman-looking bungalows. And they were nestled up right against the trail. I suggested that we ask the folks in the most adorable house to trade with us. They weren't home, unfortunately; we'll have to try later. At the corner of the W&OD and Ashburn Road sits Carolina Bros BBQ. Scott suggested that some evening he could ride out and pick up take-away BBQ and ride home with me. Sounds like fun to me.

After a little breather, we decided to continue west. We passed the Luck Stone Quarry Overlook and continued until we found the Two Creeks Trail Area. I'd forgotten my glasses and didn't feel like taking a gnat or dozen to the eye while goofing around in the woods. Plus, we're old and wanted to make sure we had enough oomph to make it back home. Surprisingly, I had quite a lot of oomph and not only sped back home, but cycled up the 28 overpass. I nearly stroked out once reaching the top of the bridge, but I did it. I'm looking forward to the day when that won't be such an exciting thing and will be business as usual.

Yesterday, I felt tender in the parts that touch the bike saddle and whipped out an exercise video. I've been biking for a month now and figured I was strong enough to do the forty minute workout. Ha. Ha ha. I groaned and panted and whimpered my way through most of the video and sweat so much that I wouldn't have been nearly as damp taking a shower. Sheesh.

The fun part came this morning when I slooowly crawled out of bed and stretched well so that I could actually move like a semi-normal person. I wanted to bike to work and by golly I did even though the humidity was awful and my legs were pretty beat from Sunday's fun. Fast forward through a pretty hellish day, and I biked home an hour later than I normally leave. Oof, the trail was crowded with recreational folks. I did not cycle up the 28 bridge. I did make it up the Holborn hill, though, and celebrated that victory by making Scott haul my bike inside because I was too wiped out. I'm feeling and sounding a lot like Aughra tonight. Tomorrow is definitely a rest day.

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