Friday, November 11, 2011

Everyone knows it's Windy

Good gracious, the wind was high this morning. It felt like there was a head-wind in every direction -- although, I can't vouch for the east because that's the one direction I don't travel on the morning commute. I couldn't coast much. Even down the Rte 28 overpass which normally lets me build up enough speed to coast 1/3 of a mile... nothing: I was at a near standstill at the bottom of the hill. I struggled all the way to the campus and I haven't felt so physically exhausted since my first few rides back in May.

I got pelted in a shower of pine needles while exiting my neighborhood. That was a new experience. Sunglasses as eye-protection, for the win. Also? The fingerless arm warmers kept my forearms comfy and cozy in the wind chill. I'm still looking for leg/knee warmer with good reviews. I may just break down and pull out the long-johns for wearing under jeans. If nothing else, I won't need to run the space heater under my desk all day.


  1. Winds can be so brutal! We're expecting a nice phase of wind to blow in this evening through the weekend. I think that I hate riding in the wind more than any other weather condition (well, maybe ice is worse, but leaving that one out I'll still say wind).

    Hopefully, you kept warm and made it safely both directions. Happy weekend!

  2. Hi, G.E. :) We had high winds on the Outer Banks, but at least it's flat there. No fair mixing up wind *and* hills. :p I found out when I got to work that we had 20mph winds with gusts up to 27mph. No wonder I was struggling!

    Good luck with your impending windstorm and have a great weekend! :)

  3. Hi!!! Thanks for visiting our blog. That's so funny that we might have passed each other on the trail on Friday. I hope we can make it out that way again soon.

    happy riding!