Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Belle Helmets

A live action phrenology chart. Brilliant!
As I perused the July/August issue of Momentum, I noticed a lady on page 50. What caught my eye was her cute dress but then I saw her unusual helmet. Curious about the maker, I fired up ye olde firefoxe and took a gander at Belle Helmets.

Thought 1: Wow! Those are gorgeous (and hysterical, in a good way).
Thought 2: Wow! Those are spendy.
Thought 3: Oh, they're hand-painted hence the spendiness... Wow, those are gorgeous.

My favorites are Red Apple, Solar System, and Escher Sphere. If money were no object, and I didn't already have more helmets than bicycles but mostly if money were no object, I'd snap up Phrenology Chart in a heartbeat.


  1. They do look really cool..!


  2. I looked these up as well when I saw them in Momentum. They are incredibly costly for a helmet, but there are some really interesting designs. I actually considered just painting my own, but since I rarely wear a helmet, it would really be a silly thing for me to spend so much money on, I suppose.

    1. My actual comment to Scott was, "Wow, they're awfully ~proud~ of these things." When I realized that they are hand painted works of art, the price was a little easier to swallow, but not so easy that I'm plunking down cash for one. Yet.

      BTW, every time a new Momentum issue arrives, I think of you. Thank you again! :)

    2. Aww, you are so very welcome! I'm very glad that you're enjoying the subscription. :O)

      I agree with you on the helmets - being pieces of art makes it a little more tolerable to take the price tag - and I suppose the pros spend hundreds on their helmets, so if you look at it that way, it doesn't seem so horrible. I just find that I always think about what I could buy with that money, and then have to decide if it's really something I want that badly. They are awfully cool though!

    3. I have one of those helmets and dont wear it, more like something to collect as unusual artwork. It has dragonscales on one side and the other artwork in the style of Alan Lee (on a Bern Watts)

      It wasnt cheap but not a rip-ff either, even when incl delivery to the UK and custom charges

      You know you want to :-)