Thursday, July 26, 2012

Let the group rides begin

The Back Roads Century is a mere two months away and I've registered the Hubs and myself for the thirty mile route. Yeah, my goal this year was to ride either the metric or full century but 1) I suck at goals and 2) my friends (and more importantly, Hubs) want to ride the shorter route. I'm an agreeable sort. I do hope our weather is as conducive to an enjoyable ride as last year's.

A foggy start for Bel, Cat, myself, and Scott on last year's ride.


  1. Look at you all, ready to ride! Looks like fun. Sometimes the shorter rides are more fun anyway. You're not completely wiped out by the end of it and you can just kind of enjoy.

    1. I had SUCH a good time last year and have been eagerly waiting to register. There's another tour the following weekend in Baltimore, but I'm going to be out of town and will have to wait until next year to give that one a try.