Wednesday, August 01, 2012

"Bicycle" by Nora and One Left

Source: Nora and One Left.
Nora and One Left is a DC-based band who have just released a new album titled Bicycle. They were kind enough to send me a CD, and I have to say that I'm enjoying their music. The songs are bright and poppy and feel like 10,000 Maniacs meets Belinda Carlisle meets Leslie Gore.

I can see myself singing along to the album while out for a leisurely bike ride. Right this minute, though, I have satisfy my need to groove along by quietly dancing in my office chair.

If girl-pop, bicycles, and the occasional ukelele and banjo sound appealing to you (I am NUTS about banjos), head over to Nora and One Left's Bandcamp page and give 'em a listen.

Full disclosure: I have not been asked to endorse this album, but I did receive a free CD.


  1. Nice review - looks like some great music. Nothing better than a bicycle.

  2. Blogger ate a comment left by Nora and One Left:

    "Melanie - Thanks for the really, really nice review!
    Fyi - you and your readers can follow and like us on Facebook - and on our site -
    Thanks again.
    See you 'Down the Road'
    Nora and One Left"

  3. How fun! I'm all about girl pop, bicycles and banjos. :) Off to listen now - thanks for the tip!