Monday, August 13, 2012

Olympic cycling

The hubs and I managed to miss all of the Olympic road and track cycling events, but we caught the women's mountain bike race and both men's and women's BMX semis and finals this past weekend. There is, apparently, some controversy surrounding the inclusion of mountain biking and BMX as Olympic evens.

I'm not going to weigh in on either side of inclusion or no -- I do have strong feelings about rhythm gymnastics and handball, however -- but the theatricality of mountain biking and BMX certainly held my spouse's and my attention. Scott said that my constant crash practice made me a shoo-in for either sport. Ha. Ha. He also longed to get a BMX bike and join the circuit. I told him he could do so after he makes sure that his disability insurance is set up.

The women's mountain bike course did look kind of fun except for the rocky bits. I could see myself flipping over the handlebars, much like the German competitor, on the rocky descent. Unlike Sabine Spitz, however, I didn't see myself getting back onto the bike and taking the silver medal. Scott decided that he'd rather get a mountain bike and take up that sport. The insurance rider was again a pre-requisite.


  1. It must be in the air... Sam said the same thing: "I think I need to get a BMX bike again." :O)

    It's all been very entertaining to watch, I have to admit!

    1. I also reminded Scott that it's been a quarter century since he last rode a BMX bike and he's not as impervious. I am a mean wife.