Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Close encounter of the creepy kind

Hopefully, yesterday's post wasn't too morbid. I actually enjoy cemeteries when I'm not there for a loved one's funeral, and find the older ones are especially enchanting.

But anyway, yesterday evening I had my first run-in with a harasser. I was decked out my oh-so-enticing denim pedal-pushers and a floral shirt so you know I was asking for it. As I waited to make a left hand turn out of a strip mall parking lot, a couple of guys in a pickup truck whistled and hollered at me. "Hey, sweetie! Let us pick you up!" and other enticing come-ons. I rolled my eyes, waited for a couple more cars to pass, and made my left turn which put me directly behind the truck. The guys waggled their eyebrows at me in their mirrors -- seriously -- and my spidey sense went nuts. I zigged into the right turn lane and made a quick escape into a townhome neighborhood with lots of twisty streets and continued on to the next non-cul-de-sac neighborhood. Those guys probably wouldn't or couldn't have done anything, but the experience gave me a pretty bad case of the heebie-jeebies.

I pedaled on through other neighborhoods without trouble and got home as a gentle rain began to fall.

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