Thursday, March 29, 2012

Househunting by bike

Not that we're in the market, of course, but our current townhouse is a starter home and we're always grabbing for-sale flyers to compare interiors and prices in this area. My last townhouse was in Herndon and I loved living there because it felt like an actual town and not just a suburb. While riding around Herndon last night, Scott snagged a flier for this house.

Front porch, bay window, original wood floors in amazing condition, claw foot tub(!) and gorgeous tile in the bathroom, built in bookshelves. Built in 1900 with remodeled kitchen and baths. Mere steps away from Old Town Herndon and the W&OD. It's almost perfect -- there's no garage -- and it is, of course, way out of our price range and, more importantly, we're not in the market.

Scott is picking up a couple of lottery tickets tonight just in case.

Aaaand there's an open house on Saturday. We should be back from the Bike Me DC ride in time... I am such a masochist.

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  1. How fun! We do this quite frequently and ride around looking for open houses on the weekend. I know we have a problem though with always wanting to see other houses - there is absolutely no desire to move, but it's fun to see other styles, sizes, etc.