Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Prepping to dash

Since I was already sweaty from my commute yesterday evening, I decided to get even sweatier and changed into my running shoes for a brisk walk around the neighborhood. I'd mapped out a three and a half mile route when I walked regularly in 2010 and 2011 and that's the route that I used yesterday to get back into non-bikey exercise.

I shambled along the first mile feeling like my feet were cement blocks. It sucked and I wanted to turn around and take my road bike out instead. But I persevered and as I entered the second mile, my pace increased and I felt lighter. I jogged a TINY bit -- and I do mean TINY -- but I didn't feel like I would die when I slowed down. Walking and running really do use different muscles than biking. Weird.

One of my current goals is to reduce my flabby belly so I can fit into all the cute shorts, skirts, and capris I bought for last summer. I've also got an adorable jersey and sweet exercise skirts which are a little too tight for my pride. The regular biking has firmed up my legs and booty, but my belly and arms are in a sad shape. Crunches, push-ups, and strength training are part of my renewed exercise regimen as well.

My other goal is participating in the Maryland edition of the Warrior Dash in May. Scott ran the Dash in Charles County, VA, last October and had so much fun he's going to run it again. I thought it looked fun enough for me to give it a go in 2012. I need endurance and strength to get through the course.

Of course, there's bike training to be done as well. I'm aiming to ride the metric century (~65 miles) in this year's Backroads Century (ride date is 23 September; registration opens 1 May). I can comfortably ride Circe for fifteen miles or so and I've got to get in more time on the saddle to ride that additional fifty on the road bike.


  1. I swear there are days the muscles from bike riding fight me when I'm running. Its almost like having fat legs, the weirdest sensation. I remember when I first started to run. It was still really hot here and people would pass me on their bikes and I HATED them. I wanted to be on a bike whizing past, catching some kind of breeze rather than shuffling along. I love running now but I never have a "oh boy running day!!!" Like I do with my bike days. :)

    1. Heehee!

      I'm so bad at running and I'd much rather get my cardio on the bike, but biking just doesn't give me full body toning like walking/jogging. I'm not expecting to ever enjoy running, but stranger things have happened. ;)