Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fun with stickers

I've gone a little nuts with Lightweights for Wheels and Fun Reflectors (sorry... I've cleaned them out of the vines).

Let's start with my helmet. I thought the matte red was pretty dull.

Comfy, but oh so dull.

 Let's go wild with stickers, shall we?

Blurry, but oh so much prettier.

Let's go a little further and hit that baby with a flash.

It fascinates me that the black vines reflect so brightly.

My helmet wasn't the only item to get jazzed up. I used silver vines on parts of Rose's body and black vines on the black rack. I also applied two rows of Lightweights to the spokes and various other points on the bike.

Now you don't see them... you do!

With the addition of my lights, nobody can accuse me of being a bike ninja.

Addition: My road bike will absolutely need FLAMES!


  1. Great decorative touches for helmets. Unfortunately my head shape cannot wear the round helmets.

    And those reflective spokes would be fun winter or anytime.

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