Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pea Soup

Foggy W&OD trail at Loudoun County Parkway.

This morning's commute was super foggy. The picture above is from the least foggy portion of my ride, perhaps because the heat rising off the parkway warmed the air enough to burn away the murk. I'm not sure if that's even how fog works, but it sounds good to me. Happily, other cyclists were lit up so we could see each other on the trail. Also happily was that both I and the backhoe driving down the trail(!!) were both lit up enough to spot each other before something ugly and perhaps painful could happen. The ninja jogger near the center of the photo, not so much with the being lit up. Maybe just lit.

View from my cube.

I braved the chilly fog so as to enjoy the glorious afternoon and evening promised by prognosticators. They've delivered on the afternoon beauty; let's see how the evening commute goes. Even if it's chilly, Scott will be meeting me along the route and that always makes the trip fun.


  1. It certainly looks like a pretty murky commute...nice cycle path though.


  2. I'm very spoiled having such a well-maintained multi-use path so close to both my home and my office. The trail on the right is cinders/gravel and used by a lot of equestrians. I love seeing the horses along the path.