Friday, January 20, 2012


Hey, guess what! I experienced my first near run-in with an aggressive driver this morning. A FedEx box truck sped up behind me, horn blaring, and wouldn't pass in the clear left lane. I'd drifted over to the far side of the right lane but that, and the aforementioned clear left lane weren't enough. S/he sped past with a foot or two to spare.

Hey, guess what else! My dad has worked for FedEx from the time the company was still located in Little Rock, Arkansas. I made note of the exact time and location of the incident and phoned him with the particulars. Unfortunately, I did not get the license plate number but the powers that be can track exactly which truck (and driver) was on that route at that time.

Oh, how fun!

Update: Received a call from the managing director for this region who says they are investigating the issue and that he appreciated my bringing this to the company's attention. He won't be able to share any disciplinary actions as they are company confidential, but he says they will determine who the driver was and take steps from there. I want to make sure this driver doesn't threaten or hurt another cyclist or a pedestrian.


  1. Good for you for reporting it (and nice that you have a contact as well). Too many times drivers (both delivery and otherwise) get away with this, so I think it's very important that we take the time to let the powers know how their employees are behaving on the road.

  2. Hi Trevor and welcome aboard! :) I'm not a militant cyclist by ANY stretch of the imagination, but I feel that we shouldn't be threatened and harassed by aggressive drivers. If this had happened when I first started biking to work, it probably would have scared me off from ever doing it again.