Saturday, January 07, 2012

Losing my mind

Dude. We mid-Atlantic dwellers are going to pay so much for this mild winter. We're either going to get slammed in a couple of weeks or the bugs next summer will be horrific. Either way, I'm going to take advantage of getting in as many bike rides as possible (and enjoy the lack of stink bugs invading my home to escape winter's chill).

Scott and I still need to work out a mutually agreeable definition of a "short" ride. We rode around Sterling doing Saturday morning errands such as fetching prescriptions, mailing packages, dropping off recyclables, and grocery shopping. After a quick lunch, I talked him into accompanying me on a ride to Herndon. The W&OD was full of bikers, joggers, and families. We made it up to Elden Street where I asked if he wanted to ride around Herndon or continue up the trail. He voted to continue on the trail. I then had an idea and suggested we take the Fairfax County Parkway trail up to Route 7 and ride through Sterling to home. He was game and we sped up and down the hills (max downhill speed 30.6 mph!). The ride home was mostly uneventful but the steep, steep uphills were rough.

On one of our rest breaks -- I'm getting over a cold and am not pushing myself as hard as I could -- Scott mentioned that he was getting annoyed with slipping off his pedals and wants a spiky pair like mine. I asked if he wanted to ride to the Ashburn Spokes, Etc. He looked at me like I'd lost my mind and nixed the idea.

Scott threw his chain (first time!) midway up a hill and I was grateful for the imposed break. He was kind of grateful, too. Heh. At that point, I told him I no longer wanted to ride to Spokes. His response was a gaspy, "Good."

We got back home and Scott draped himself on the floor while I bounced around, jazzed from all the fresh air and exercise but also hungry. I called the local Chinese place and ordered for pickup rather than my standard delivery. Again Scott looked at me like I'd lost my mind. Pshaw. The place is only a two mile round trip and just off the trail! He suggested a bike intervention. I laughed as I rode off into the sunset. Okay, perpendicular to the sunset.


  1. I have seen at least 3 mosquitoes in the last week and have been decidedly unhappy about it.

    Dunno about you, but I like to feel as if I've EARNED spring, that I've cycled through the perilous DC winter (haha) only to emerge safely on the other side!

    Sounds like a fun ride!

  2. I wish stink bugs were the only thing that invaded... I don't seem to mind them. I am not a fan of the spiders. I've tried to tell them, "Look, just stay outside, and I'll leave you alone," but they don't seem to listen (maybe I need spider-whisperer lessons?).

    Glad to read you're enjoying your rides... even to get Chinese (which sounds incredibly good right now!). :O)

  3. Rachel: Oof, I haven't seen any mosquitoes lately, thankfully. I don't know that I need to feel like I've earned spring; I'm mostly happy for it to come back either way. I'd be happier if it didn't bring so many allergens. :)

    GE: "Spider-whisperer", I love it! When you've mastered that art, please come visit and work your magic in my basement. :)