Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The other cyclist(s)

I needed a chocolate pickup mid-afternoon yesterday and made a bee line for the break room where I saw a guy in colorful bike shorts and jersey. I nearly squeed. Nearly. Instead, I said, "Oh! You're the other biker!"

He looked at me, puzzled. I explained, "Mine is the white bike with the basket."

He immediately warmed up and we geeked about our respective five (me) and ten (him) mile commutes, organized group rides like the Backroads and Tour de Cure, and training for a century. Really nice guy.

This morning, the other other cyclist -- whose bike I haven't seen at the rack in about a month -- rode up as I walked from the garage to the building. I couldn't get a good look at his face, but I did notice the rain cover on his helmet and his rain pants. Not bad choices for the wet morning.

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  1. Wet morning indeed - at least not super cold. After a bit of deliberation, I opted for the bike this morning instead of the car...proved to be a good choice given the amount of traffic I passed on my way in. Earlier today I found this blog on winter bike commuting that totally cracked me up. Since you go between driving and riding, I thought you might find it kind of funny too.