Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Still alive and "enjoying" week-long vendor training in Ohio. The outbound trip was a fairly nightmarish experience, but my sweet (luxury upgrade) rental car & cushy hotel room (oh, and finding a Fashion Bug) have made up for the horror.

In bike news, the C8 shipped on Friday and should arrive Thursday. I've asked Scott not to assemble the bike, or even open the box, so that I can fully savor the "Christmas morning" feeling. Honey Badger don't care and is okay with a six foot long cardboard box hanging out in, presumably, the dining room until I get home.

I've spotted a few cyclists here in the greater Dublin/Hilliard area and some lovely looking trails. According to my local coworkers, there's a fairly nice network of rail trails. Oh, and my boss says it's good that I decided against borrowing his bike since his teenage son wrecked the bike this weekend. Poor kid.

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