Saturday, June 09, 2012

Joy ride

My cabin fever got the better of me this morning and I sneaked out to my hair appointment via Kate the cruiser while Scott was getting his ears lowered at the barber shop. It was SO GOOD to be on my sweet little cruiser and feeling the cooling breeze on the mile and a half ride to the salon.

Scott was pretty shocked to get home and see the Highlander still parked out front. He sent a text that I shouldn't be pig-headed about overdoing it like he usually is. I promised that I had taken it slow and easy and would continue to do so.

After the re-blonding and trim, I wasn't ready to go home just yet and rode up and down the trail between the Boulevard and Church. As I was just about to leave the trail, I decided to snag some take-out Chinese. As I waited outside the shop, several people, mostly guys, commented on my "cool" bike. Considering that one sees mostly hybrids, mountain, or road bikes on the roads and trails around here, she is pretty unusual in these parts.

I still don't have x-ray results because, as of Friday evening, the nurse practitioner hadn't received the files from the lab. The swelling and bruising are receding but the ball of my foot continues to be very sore and I limp when I walk more than a few steps. I'm sad that I wasn't able to participate in my bike club's tour of DC monuments tonight, but I'm happy to have gotten in a little bit of saddle time this afternoon.

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