Thursday, June 07, 2012

No news is good news?

My left foot has been swollen to cartoon character proportion and the bruising nearly wraps around my foot and over my big toe. I finally agreed to see a doctor yesterday. She was shocked by the state of my poor appendage and sent me off for an x-ray immediately. I expected to hear from her last night or sometime today, but it's been radio silence. Not that I had time to chat with ~anybody~ today thanks to work craziness...

But anyway, I'm going on the assumption that I just pulled and popped a couple of somethings in my foot and nothing is broken or needs medical intervention to heal properly. I am jonesin' something awful to be on my bike(s). This week's weather has been absolutely divine and I've been stuck on the sofa. I think that June is a bad month for me being on a bike.


  1. Good idea to get that x-ray even if it turns out to be just sprains and bruises. Just keep it elevated (ideally higher than your heart) as much as possible. It really keeps the swelling from becoming an extended problem. :-)

  2. Thanks, Marsha. I can almost see the bones and veins in my left foot again. It's getting a little better every day. :)